[SOLVED] It goes back to the boot screen

whenever I close the lid the machine goes back to the boot screen. I just turn it off and it tuns on again fine, but I wish it would stop doing that.

I tried reinstalling the bios. No joy.

Make sure you email support. I had a similar issue and this is what they sent me:

…for Western Digital SN850 SSD. These have a known issue with their current firmware that are causing, “Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed” messages or random blue screen failures. The good news is that this can easily be resolved by installing updated firmware for your SSD. Instructions on how to do so are located here: My system is rebooting to a “Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed” message

Gmm… it added a weird dashboard. I don’t know about if it fixed the problem or not, but I am suspicious of what it added.

I am going to hope it fixed it

t din’t work :worried: :slightly_frowning_face: oh well. It was worth a try

Which “boot screen” are you referring to? The regular start/restart screen or the “boot device missing” screen?

As for the WD Dashboard, that’s how WD does firmware updates. I don’t know if it does anything nefarious and I agree, I wish it wasn’t there either - but it does come from WD and not a 3rd party. You can close the Dashboard and run without it and you can also prevent it from starting up when you start or restart.

you know, things work better when you read and follow ALL the instructions. when I tried doing that, who would have thunk it, it worked like a charm!

thank you for your assistance. It really was a godsend!

Thanks again. Sorry for goofing up

Which instructions were those? Just for future reference.

Glad you solved your problem.