[SOLVED] Linux kernel 5.15 issues

I updated my Fedora KDE install the other day. It updated to the 5.15 kernel, and now my laptop is unusable. Has anyone else experienced this lately? Thank you.

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Unusable in what way? I’m currently on 5.16 (RC1 or RC3 or something), but I was running on 5.15 earlier with zero issues. Debian sid, if it matters.

My machine just freezes. It won’t load the background, and the mouse will jump around, then freeze until I hard restart it.

Can you check if this is the case with Gnome? It could be a KDE issue (or it could be that KDE was updated along with your kernel and independently broke).

Alternatively, is the keyboard still responsive when your mouse freezes? Can you press Ctrl+Alt+F2 to get into a TTY?

I don’t have a Framework Laptop yet, but I have been looking into how to get Linux onto it when it finally arrives.

There apparently was a regression in 5.15 that broke the graphics driver on Tiger Lake iGPUs.


A patch has been added for 5.16, but it’s not included in any official 5.15.X release yet. Some distros include the patch already, such as Arch Linux’s mainline and Zen kernels.

If you’re ok with compiling the kernel yourself, you can compile the kernel with the patch to see if this is the issue you’re dealing with.

Looks like Fedora’s 5.15.6 build has a fix for this Iris Xe bug. Seems to run fine here (GNOME), but then again I didn’t have any problems with the earlier 5.15 series either.

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I can confirm that the 5.15.6 build has fix all my issues.