Touchpad freezing?

I have an interesting issue, not one I can’t live with, just something I would like to understand. I have just recently (within the past 2 days) noticed that sometimes my touchpad lags in responding to inputs. If I’m trying to move the mouse around, it will not respond for a second and then respond normally. There doesn’t appear to be any pattern to me as it isn’t limited to any singular application like the browser. I do have a Dbrand skin on the touchpad but I’d rather not remove it unless I could be certain it was the issue. I am using Fedora 37 Kinoite (KDE version of Silverblue).

Again, this is just something that I’ve noticed that I think would good to investigate, not too terribly bothered by it just want to figure it out.

Have you try evtest to see if touchpad input events are registered correctly?

@ngxson how would I go about doing that?

As Kinoite is an immutable operating system, which may not give the same access to the hardware that Fedora Workstation may, may we ask if your touchpad is running fine on Fedora 37 KDE?

@Alex_S It was to my knowledge but it could be that I wasn’t on regular Fedora long enough to notice. This problem only started after days of using Kinoite and I didn’t use Fedora KDE the same amount of time. I’ve also noticed the problem getting worse with back to back freezes. Now it is a bothersome problem and I’m considering removing the dbrand skin.

@GhostLegion I’d say to swap out that SSD to keep your original Kinoite install fine, then install Fedora 37 KDE for a bit and see if you’re still experiencing this. Also make sure you’re on the most recent BIOS revision via fwupd using this support page. You can also just use the EFI method.
I’ll eventually try out NixOS, but in general I haven’t run immutable OSes on my Framework, so that’s the only difference I can surmise.

Extremely likely this is at least contributing to it. In an effort to need to remove anything, might be interesting to see if an attached mouse also misbehaves.

You can also try:

sudo journalctl | grep touchegg

And see if anything jumps out at you. It will send you a lot of data to look through, so scroll up a bit a page or two worth of scrolling.

You may see something like:

libinput error: event11 - Logitech G305: client bug: event processing lagging behind by 32ms, your system is too slow

This is an example with my attached mouse. I created an environment that I knew would cause this error.

I’ve seen this happen with a heavy load. Closing some stuff out usually helps. Rebooting is usually best.