[SOLVED] Linux vs Chromebook

Hi all,

My Chromebook is coming to EOL and it is slowing down. I’m considering replacing it with Framework Chromebook or possibly running Linux on a standard version. I’m leaning toward the Chromebook version because running Android apps has become a part of my regular workflow. I also can run Crostini on it. My current Chromebook runs Android just fine but Linux apps are slow to the point of making it unusable.

I just had a couple of questions:
Would it be possible in the future to convert the Chromebook version to a standard version?
Chromeos is supported for eight years. As of when?

For what it’s worth, my Linux distro of choice on desktop is Slackware 15. I haven’t installed Windows on one of my personal boxes since Win98.

Yes, you can convert the Chromebook version to the standard version but it’ll require a board swap but even then you wouldn’t have the same laptop as me as there are hardware differences besides the motherboard such as no fingerprint reader and the keyboard will not have the same layout and I think the webcam is different too. So you can but it is messy and won’t provide the best experience.

As for EOL date, I’ll have to check but I imagine it is 8 years from launch (which was last year).

Thanks. I assumed it would be possible. By time the ChromeOS would reach EOL, it probably would be time for new hardware anyway. I just really like Framework as a concept. I’ve been impressed with the ease up upgrading. Tossing a laptop just because you can’t replace the battery hurts my heart.

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Ok, so I wanted to find official sources for what I said. I’ll mark this as solved since I found those sources

So that answers the questions officially!

Thank you. I had looked for an official date but couldn’t find it.

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My plan with my framework chromebook is if I am still using it in 2030 just install Linux on it (as it should be). I’ve had 3 ChromeOS devices become e-waste because they are really not repairable:

  • OG Pixelbook - battery stopped charging and the device cannot operate without a battery
  • Samsung Galaxy Chromebook - after RMA this device 5 times for the touchpad failing the wifi card failed
  • Pixelbook Go - hinge is starting to fail, space bar broke and only works half the time

All these problems above are solved by framework. I’ve already replaced my 11th gen Framework touchpad for like 30 bucks.

Sounds like great minds think alike. I’m also wondering if at that point Framework might have a new Chromebook mobo which would give a new upgrade window. As much as I like my Chromebook, the planned obsolescence with a limited number of years of support is a problem. I’ll grant you that eight years, as in the case of the Framework, is beyond the amount of time most people would keep hardware. I like an upgrade path.


Found this Chromebook thread when I was working on getting my own Thinkpad C13 Yoga Chromebook running Fedora. According to the Chrultrabook project’s page, this is one of the Chromebooks where you can just unplug the battery and run through the instructions here to get into developer mode and then flash newer firmware from the ChromeOS VT-2 terminal.