[SOLVED] Option to boot Windows 11 via USB for support needs only

First, I have tried to see if this topic is in the forum and cannot find it. Sorry if this is a repeat.

I had a wrecking ball moment installing Ubuntu 22.04 co-resident with Windows 11 (I bought the Windows 11 12th Gen because the config was perfect for me). I used the Ubuntu standard option to co-install with Windows. After the bitlocker fix, all went as usual (I have done this install on a Windows machine maybe a dozen times with good results.). After a couple of software install/config/reboot cycles, the boot options for Ubuntu disappeared. Windows 11 still boots, and has the smaller disk I allocated to it.

BUT, I only kept a Windows partition because I see some comments here that I may need to boot windows for some support. All I really need is Linux (and I will install Windows 11 in a virtualbox to get access to “real Excel”.)

So my use case is 99.95% Linux with a bootable Windows only for support.

Sorry for the long prolog.

Here is the QUESTION:
Can I create a bootable USB drive to run Windows 11 on the odd chance I need it for support?

Is there really a need to run native Windows 11 for support? What are the cases where I need Windows?

Thanks for your help. I will be using Linux as my daily driver OS and just need VM Windows sometimes.


This is solved. I was able to install Windows 11 on a fast USB drive and it boots and runs fine. I did this with a slower, 150 mbps drive and it was awful The below USB drive is 300mbps write and 400 mbps read. It is working well.


My goal was to have only Linux on my Laptop and have a Windows 11 option for support.

I did use this option. I created a bootable USB drrive using Rufus and the ‘Windows to Go’ option. It boots (slowly) using a 150 mbps usb drive. I have a 400 mbps drive on order to improve performance, but it does work.

I installed Ubuntu 22.04 on the entire disk and I love my new Framework laptop. I will confess that making Virtualbox work with Windows10 was a learning curve, but done/and/done. All working.