[SOLVED] Track pad and keyboard not working simultaneously

Ubuntu 22.04.1
12th gen framework

I just downloaded minecraft and discovered that my track pad wont input and move the view around while i’m also using wasd to move around. I opened krunker in a browser and sure enough, same problem there. Is there anything I can do to get the track pad working for gaming?

I didn’t notice this before but this isn’t just in games, when I am typing the track pad wont input anything if i am also holding a keyboard key at the same time.

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What you’re looking for is to disable palm detection. it’s a feature of the driver to prevent errant skips of the mouse/cursor while typing. For gaming it acts just as you’ve described.

I am not currently running a Linux OS, but something to that tune may be in the standard settings, or you may need a tool like dconf-editor to apply the fix.

For some OSs, what needs to be done is that the sensitivity needs to be turned all the way up… But ultimately, this is a software issue, not a hardware limitation. Good luck!


THANK YOU! I fixed it in dconf

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On Linux Mint this Unix StackExchange answer did the trick.