[Solved] VT-d support on 1165G7?

I’m wondering if VT-d is supported on the 1165G7, or requires the 1185G7 CPU with vPro? I’ve already made an order for the 1165G7, but I’m concerned about DMA vulnerabilities with USB4/Thunderbolt. It seems that vPro likely requires VT-d as a component, but it should also be possible to support VT-d without needing full vPro supported features (including other enterprise features like AMT).

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Unless this is something Framework can opt in or out of somehow, it seems the 1165G7 does support VT-d according to Intel: Intel® Core™ i7-1165G7 Processor

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While the CPU itself supports it:


it also seems to require additional support from the motherboard to actually function. So I’d like to know if there is any hardware or firmware difference between the 1165G7 and 1185G7 models that would impact VT-d in particular:

Intel® Desktop Boards require the following components to support Intel VT or Intel VT-d:

  • Intel Processor that supports Intel VT
  • BIOS with Intel VT or VT-d support (found on the Security menu in BIOS setup)


But thanks, @dcdruck! I guess I’m hoping that someone with a laptop in hand could check in their BIOS to see whether there is a VT-d setting that can be enabled, or if someone from the Framework team could confirm on their end that VT-d is supported on non-1185G7 models? :grin:

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VT-d is in the BIOS: BIOS guide


Thank you @jeshikat that’s exactly what I was looking for!

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