vPro yes or no for this

Hey guys,

I am wanting to get on board with one of these laptops and I think I only really need the 65 processor instead of the 85. However the vPro has me worried. My typically functionality will be windows form apps and wpf app programing with C# and VB.Net. I also want to have a local SQL database and maybe some 3d modeling with solidworks. Will I need the vPro for this?

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vPro is for remote management, mainly for enterprises. Very few people need it.


You don’t need it from the sounds of it. Code away.


thanks, i dont think i will need it either

A couple months ago (before I realized my classes would all be online again) I needed a laptop pretty urgent, so I gave in and got vPro (because it was the last type that would arrive on time). When I realized I didn’t need to worry about getting one so soon, I changed my order (delaying by one batch) and was able to get better parts with the money it spared. Of which said order is coming soon so hype ^^


I ordered the i7 1165g7 for my laptop because its a personal laptop. However, my work laptop (not Framework) has the i7 1185g7. Most of the benefits are related to remotely managing it (not something you would do for a personal device). According to Intel’s website it also improves the performance of productivity apps like Word and it can give you longer battery life. You can decide for yourself if thats worth an extra $400. Just keep in mind that the relationship between cost and added performance is not linear when it comes to computer upgrades.

Here’s more info on vPro from Intel’s website:
“What Is the Intel vPro® Platform?”

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