SR-IOV support

Do Framework laptops support SR-IOV? (In particular GPU SR-IOV on Intel devices)

There’s no bios toggle, but this forum post is promising, as that’s one of the 11th gen CPU models. It’s an inbuilt Windows driver feature, and apparently 12th gen now has Linux support through the i9i5 driver.

What are you looking to use it with?

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@Be_Far Thank you for your reply. I am aware that Intel iGPUs since Tiger Lake support SR-IOV, as they have confirmed that officially (see: Graphics Virtualization Technologies Support for Each Intel® Graphics Family - no dGPU support for cosumer-grade, though), and Tigerlake+ owners already use the i915-sriov-dkms AUR package.

However, as CPU support by itself is not sufficient on its own, e.g. the Mainboard / BIOS etc. need to support it too, my question is whether the notebook as a whole supports (iGPU) SR-IOV?

Virtualizing OSes that have no accelerated virtio-gpu driver support. And improving performance for those that do. So basically, everywhere where an Intel driver supports it.

Seeing as there’s no bios option to enable or disable it (there is a bios option to enable/disable VT-X if that helps), what tests could I perform to see if it is available?

Good question. If you are running Linux, you might try out the linux-intel-lts kernel (or on Arch Linux i915-sriov-dkms package) and check whether /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:02.0/sriov_numvfs is available for intel_iommu=on i915.enable_guc=7. as described by i915-sriov-dkms’
However, I am not aware if there is a quicker way to check on Linux, and how to check on Windows.

I’ll put Endeavour on an expansion card later today to try the Arch kmod (linux-intel-lts is from a bit too old of a kernel for the Framework) and let you know the results.

Awesome, thank you!

@Be_Far FYI: With linux-intel-lts, you need to check out the lts-v5.15.49-adl-linux-220826T092047Z or lts-v6.1.8-linux-230201T082419Z tags in order to have the commits included in the kernel.

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EndeavourOS KDE on 6.2.10 without any changes (the AUR package i915-sriov-dkms-git ran and said it was exactly the same as the kmod already installed):

$ ls /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:02.0 | grep sriov

Looks like it “just works.” Cheers!


That’s great news. Thanks for your efforts!

That’s interesting, I didn’t expect that.