[solved with reboot] Systemd-udevd eating all my CPU on 12th gen

Just for the record of the phenomenon.
Using Ubuntu 22.04 with kernel 5.15

I had a very busy day using full throtel my Framework 12th gen with video conferencing with 6 persons a lot of heavy web apps… And plugin my hdmi module for 2nd screen.

The next day my laptop wouldn t charge on the dusb c dongle port I always use. It worked directely on the other side of the laptop. My blutooth logitech didn t want to work either.
I went in HTOP and saw Systemd-udevd at 100%

I decided to unplug hdmi and usb same thing :

A reboot fixed everything.

restarting the system deamon gave samething.

While rebooting I saw breifely an error " error DRM intel …blabla"