The Framework Powered PC Keyboard V2

I got the prototype pretty much finalized with just a few CAM issues to work out. Once I get a viable part back from manufacturing I’ll release the CAD model.


I just wanted to thank you for being willing to share the CAD file. It will make it easier for others modeling other solutions using the mainboard much easier.

Could you speak to your power switch here? Is it physically pushing something on the mainboard?

@nrp does the fingerprint scanner, which plugs into a hub that connects the trackpad and keyboard, connect via USB to the bridge in this regard? Or is this a proprietary thing? (Which I’m absolutely ok with, just want to know if I should bother trying to incorporate the fingerprint scanner / power button into my design.) Also my apologies for paging your directly here. I do not expect you to respond, but if time permits it would be great.

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