Some suggestion for the diy

I think is inportant that have some Laptop motherboard that have high wattage and mabey a Graphics and use strongger cpu like 12900h,even a 12900k or 12900ks. because it will be extremely cool if have a game laptop is Very open ended. Some time when I go on bed ,you knew some peaple will think many things before sleep.So I thoughk it can be modularization,take down the keyboard it can be a pad that is use Android,when it have a keyboard it can be a laptop(can be like the facebook), in home it can pot in a bigger radiator so it can use all performance out.
I don’t knew what is hard in over here ,so…if you knew plase tell me


or discuss in here.

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It just isn’t feasible to put a CPU with such high wattage in a laptop. The current CPU takes 15-28 Watts. Any of the 12th gen H or P options will simply be impossible to put into the framework laptop due to overheating. The Cooling solution can’t handle more then the given spec (Not to mention battery life). 12900K and 12900KS are beyond imagination though lmao, those can go up to around 200 watts? Otherwise there just isn’t space in the current chassis for a bigger cooling solution, much less a GPU.

Maybe a few decades in the future when superconductors are used instead of semi-conductors.