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Can an M.2 2230 PCIe SSD be used as the primary storage device on a Framework 13?

Electronically it would work, but physically you’d need an adapter. The hold down screw is positioned for 80mm long M.2 cards, you have to find a way to move that to the 30mm position.

There are adapters that should work. Just search for “M.2 2230 to 2280 adapter”.


Or just tape the sucker down XD (seriously it’s nowhere near as stupid as it sounds).

Pretty sure the actual question here was if the ssd in the 2230 slot can be used as the boot device though.

The question asks about the Framework 13, which only has a 2280 slot (unless you count the WiFi card slot, but that slot is much slower and then you wouldn’t have WiFi).

True, my bad.

And keyed wrong.

Thanks! My understanding is thst, with a mounting adapter, a 2230 would work as a boot device. Is there anyknown disadvantage to going this route in terms of speed or reliability?

2230 ssds are usually slower (but we’re talking around 3000-5000 MB/s versus 7000 MB/s so you won’t notice that if you’re not video editing or transferring huge files).

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Generally, M.2 SSDs with the 2230 specification usually lack DRAM (only utilizing HMB technology). This means they are not well-suited for certain types of high-intensity read and write operations. Due to the compact design of components, heat dissipation is often a significant concern.

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not only are they slower, they are about 50% more expensive here in the UK.

I’m looking at getting a 2230 and a 2280 for my upcoming FW16, and quite surprised at the price of 2230 drives.

Not many 2230 drives on the market but with the introduction of the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, they’re becoming more common. Here in NA, the price difference is a lot smaller, typically $20-30