M2.2230 ssd

Hello and my first post.
I have a very recently died Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, not battery but mainboard.
I’m thinking of a 13" Framework replacement. I don’t think the SL3 memory module is removable.
However, can I use the M2. 2230 SSD in a Framework 13?? I think there is sufficient space but I’m not sure about a screw fixing. Or I could use a blob of laptop type adhesive to stop it moving?
I look forward to hearing from anyone.

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It will fit in the slot and run, but there’s no screw hole for a 2230. There are adapters, but they require vertical clearance that’s not available here.

All you need to do is hold the SSD down and keep it from backing out of the slot. The end of the drive should rest on a washer or something the same thickness as the shoulder of the 2280 mounting post to prevent the 2230 from lying right on the mainboard PCB. A thermal pad the length of the 2230 ought to do - it will cushion the drive and soak up a bit of heat from the flash IC. I don’t know what thickness to recommend though. Then a piece of (say) kapton tape holding the drive down should work.

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Just been looking at info on compatibility, this is what I have so far.

Checked the version B, M or BM for contact connections


Framework uses an M.2 M

M key is x4 lanes and has 20gbit/s bandwidth. B key is x2 lanes and has 10gbit/s bandwidth.

B+M fits in either slot but only has x2 lanes so is limited to 10gbits/s. So theoretically no, it won’t be any faster. But neither actually get close to the theoretical limit of the lanes they have available. The limiting factor will be the controllers or how many memory chips are on it. So long story short it won’t matter all things being equal, but whichever one has better/more chips and better controller will be faster.

On the IFixit site the Surface seems to use a type M . . . .are they the same thickness …

Many thanks for such a comprehensive investigation.
Looking at memory web sites, the M2s vary in thickness from 2.4mm 2230 to 3.5mm 2280.
So I should be OK.
But I guess I can’t transfer the Windows OS. Could be a change to Ubuntu then.


Most likely not being an MS OEM on an MS Device.