Can framework laptop m.2 slot support m.2 1620

I have a kioxia bg4 m.2 1620 nvme ssd, can I fit it in framework’s m.2 slot?

I don’t think so, 1620 is a dedicated form factor for the surface I guess? you can check if there are some bespoke adaptors for 22x0 to BG4.

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Sure, but expect to need double sided tape or something similar

I don’t have a laptop and this can’t see the board but it likely only has a stand-off for 2280 m.2 SSDs as that is the standard form factor

If we are lucky they included a stand-off for 2230 SSDs as well

Edit: too quick to comment-since it’s not 22mm wide it’s not the same connector most likely

You’ll need an adapter as @Gu_tally suggested


It looks like both 1620 and 2280 has same ping number.

Looks like there’s some confusion here. “1620” is the form factor of the memory chip package, not the SSD. If you have one of these, then your SSD is either:

  1. A 2230 NVMe SSD
  2. A surface-mount memory chip that is not removable. As a consumer, you cannot install one of these into anything.

Mine looks like this

And I seem like it can run on non-surface machine.

In 6:29

Or am I completely wrong?

@Fracis_Wolfgang You are right, that can run on non-surface machines (that support NMVe M.2 SSDs), and it certainly can run on the Framework laptop.

There’s just one minor problem: the Framework laptop lacks a screw hole to secure 30mm M.2 SSDs. It only has the hole for 2280 drives. One of these extenders will help your 2230 SSD reach the 2280 screw hole.


Thank you, sorry for been this stubborn, this drive has my Gentoo/ZFS install, it has some sentimental value for me and I don’t want to re-install again.

Now I know it could run on framework laptop, I can 3D print a adapter to fit the slot.

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For everyone has same problem like me, I found a 3D model that you can just print it.