Storage Questions (2242 vs 2280) and expansion cards

Had a few questions regarding storage.

  1. I’m looking to put in a double-sided 2242 and I was wondering if it would fit as it needs 3.5 mm height. Looking in specific at the Sabrent Rocket 2242 which appears to be an M key (5 on right side which is the same as the WDSN750). Also, since it is shorter than the 2280, is there a screw placement for it? Does it matter if it isn’t screwed?

  2. For the expansion cards, what is the TBW rating for the flash?

  3. Do all the expansion cards sit flush with the edge of the laptop? The picture on the blog post shows it extended out from the case, which I’m assuming to show the labelling.



Double sided SSDs should fit. There isn’t a screw position for 2242, and the SSD really needs to be fastened down. There are some 2242->2280 lengthening adapters out there though.

The Expansion Cards do sit flush in normal use. For the TBW ratings, I’m looking for the spec.


For those who haven’t met the term TBW before, it’s TeraBytes Written (ie how much you can write before the SSD fails). See Wikipedia on SSD failures.


For the Expansion Cards, the 250GB is rated to 38.9 TBW, and the 1TB is rated to 150.39 TBW.


Excellent. Thanks for the info.

As it relates to Storage Questions, I am using to compare side-by-site different type 2280 storage devices. Once, I’ll receive my DIY Batch 2, I will be able to make that storage purchase. The two listed here are the two choices I am considering: UserBenchmark: Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVMe PCIe M.2 vs WD Black SN750 (2019)

Any particular reason? 2280 is a much more common form factor and I would be somewhat surprised if there are features you can get in a 2242 that aren’t available in a similar 2280.

Ah, I had bought a expresscard to nvme mod for my x230 which only supports 2242, so I wanted some disk compatibility between the two systems.

But I ended up purchasing a Hynix Gold P31 which is a 2280 anyway…

I am thinking of my config of the storage cards. What kind of endurance are these rated at?

Response from nrp previously.

Is there a reason why there is no screw hole for the 2242 position (except cost)? I unterstand that lenghtening adapters are readily available, but I would certainly appreciate the flexibility of multiple options for SSD drive sizes in a notebook without having to get some cheapo adapter. Some people (like myself) might have a spare 2242 drive laying around from an used notebook and the screw hole would make reusing it easier for the consumer.

Of course this is more of a nitpick, even having the ability to replace the storage drive in a notebook is not always possible nowadays. But especially if smaller formfactor m.2 SSDs become more common in the future for space saving reasons, more screw holes might be a good addition to future mainboard revisions.