Story Time: Percussive Maintenance

After years of reliable service, the fan in my Framework 13 (Intel Gen11 i5 batch 4), started to cause problems. It was noisy with with worsening thermal performance. Every time it would spool up, it sounded like a rattling old car. Extracting and cleaning out the fan and reapplying thermal paste did little to stop the rattle (but at least improved thermal performance). The rattle was so bad that I couldn’t do work in bed anymore because the noise would keep my wife awake. As I was contemplating buying a new fan on my way home from work, I encountered a pothole so big it almost threw me off of my motorcycle. Luckily, I managed to hang on, but I was a little worried about my laptop in the top box on the back. However, when I got home to make sure it was okay, I noticed the fan was not making any noise. I thought it might have finally kicked the bucket, but upon closer inspection there was a smooth stream of warm air coming out of the vent. It has run smooth ever since that incident three weeks ago.

I hit a pothole so big it fixed my Framework.

Anyone else have any repair stories about their Framework?


That’s quite the pothole. :laughing:

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You are welcome, it was very hard to arrange the installation of that specific pothole, we designed it just deep and wide enough that it would solve the issue with your laptop.

Jokes aside, please contact the support team if the issue returns or if you notice something else. Also, I hope your motorcycle is fine :slight_smile: