Strange behaviour on Manjaro 5.14.10

Hey everyone,

I got my framework last week and loving it so far. But I’ve been experiencing some odd issues which I’m not entirely certain if they’re manjaro issues, kernel issues or hardware issues.

  • Sometimes when the laptop goes to sleep it can’t be woken up again.
  • Sometimes when this happens the caps lock key light flashes repeatedly.
  • After powering down after a caps lock key flashing crash, when I power up again then my bluetooth will sometimes not work. I also in this situation have some undefined behaviour with my external displays too.
  • I usually have to do a few shutdown and cold boot cycles before everything works again.

I was wondering if anyone else has had these kinds of wierd issues?

Of note, I’m using one of these Anker docking stations with one of my screens and the HDMI swappable port for the other.

I’ve been trying to find something in the system logs that would indicate what happened but being new to manjaro (generally come from a debian background) i’m not entirely sure where to find them. Of the logs I’ve found, they seem to just end abruptly when this freeze/crash happens.

Kernel 5.14 is problematic. Cant wake from sleep

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I’m using my Framework with Manjaro Xfce and the 5.14.10 kernel and I haven’t seen any issues waking up from sleep, nor the caps lock key behavior. Are you using KDE or GNOME? I also wouldn’t be surprised if your docking station was indeed the problem.

I’m using gnome. I’ll try not using the docking station and see if that improves things for me.

I was wondering if it was some kind of power issue, so I was going to try without the docking station, then try with the docking station but see if I can get the dock to work without being connected to power (and just the USBC socket for that)

This ^
Try switching to kernel 5.12 in the manjaro kernel manager, later versions currently have some issues, including ones with wifi/bluetooth

How do I do that. I have 5.10 and 5.13 but 5.12 is not shown.

@Joshua_Ham, see the instructions here… Manjaro Kernels - Manjaro

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So looks like the dock is the culprit. After switching to the HDMI dongle rather than the dock the issue seems to have stopped.

Like @Joshua_Ham though, I don’t have the option for 5.12 in either the GUI or the command line which is odd. Anyways, thought i’d report back that the dock seemed to be causing the issues - I left the kernel alone.

I want to follow-up on this because I was playing with suspend, hibernation, etc. yesterday. I set suspend to use deep sleep per the ArchWiki page on Framework (Framework Laptop - ArchWiki), and it consumed 2.7% per hour overnight with the lid closed, matching what others on the forum have reported. It takes maybe 10 seconds to wake from sleep, but it still wakes up with no problems so far.

This is using the 5.14 kernel and Xfce. I do see what you guys are saying with 5.12 not being available anymore. I guess that’s because 5.12 reached end-of-life in July(?).

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I haven’t tried the deep sleep stuff, but I plan to try it out. Although I thought the dock was the culprit (it may have been some of the time), I actually have discovered its more likely to be the wifi/bluetooth issues mentioned earlier. I’ve attached an ethernet cable to my dock, switched to using a logitech unify dongle for mouse and keyboard and disabled wifi and bluetooth at the bios level and my machine has been infinitely more stable.

Looking forward to the next kernel release which will hopefully let me use wifi/bluetooth more reliably again :slight_smile:

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I’m on WiFi but haven’t used BlueTooth for anything. It does sound like there have been endless problems for BlueTooth users.

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