Strange power disconect / reconnect when limiting charging

Gnome is constantly switching(the icon) between battery powered to charging. And the charging estimate is bad + battery estimate as well(it will show like 150 hours left until full charge).
How can I deal with that? Should I just find a way to limit it from Linux and set it to 100% in Bios?

Depending upon load the battery will be charged occasionally. As far as 150 hours to full ??

If you don’t have it set to 100% what is it set to: and of course if it is slowly charging as it tops up to ##% then it well could take 150 hours or 150 years to fully charge as it is permanently limited ~ maybe ??

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What wattage charger are you using if i may ask?

Gnome is a little quirky when it comes to indicating charge. If you’re trickle charging (in the range of 1-25 watts) it doesn’t really know what to do; so it just displays that your battery life is way past what should be possible. I have this with a PD USB-C port on my monitor.

Hope this helps~ :relaxed:

I’m just using the normal charger. What happens is that gnome thinks it is going to take a hundred+ hours to fully charge (but at the same time, the battery is at the limit set in the bios)

Yes that’s fine it just an anomaly as mentioned. With a limit in the BIOS it will take forever. Clearly Gnome needs an update to stop such nonsensicle output, but it’s just cosmentic and no harm done, except to the sensibilities of the viewer. :slight_smile:

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