Student looking at Laptop 13

Hello, I am a student looking at buying a laptop 13 and I am worried about the fan noise from the reviews I have seen online. Basically all i will be using the laptop for is Microsoft excel, word, and other low demanding applications and maybe some mildly high applications like YouTube videos and having multiple applications open at the same time. So does the fan turn up so loud to where people can hear it a couple feet away during class?

Also with the battery on power savings how long does the laptop last on average and how long does it last on a normal setting on average. Thank you for reading and responding!

I haven’t done anything particularly serious with it yet but haven’t noticed the fans at all. I have a refub gen 11 DIY Framework 13. Running 5-6 apps simultenously, doing updates, 20 tabs open, etc… Only had the device for about 48 hours though.

Rarely notice the fans on my batch one 11th Gen in regular use. I recently tried running Microsoft Flight Simulator and that will cause the fan to run louder.
A bios update has caused high speed running also.

I’m also a student and study graphic design and frontend development. Because I use Linux I run the Adobe suite in a Windows VM and it barely spins up doing that. You shouldn’t have any issues with it spinning up while simply using Office 365 or browsing the web.

If doing something more intensive, such as gaming, expect it to get decently loud though.

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I’m a student too with a similar workload. It’s not a noisy laptop in the slightest. Battery life on the other hand is completely atrocious…except on Windows, it’s actually decent there. It isn’t fantastic but it is manageable. I only have a few classes per day and it’s easy enough to carry around a charging block and cord so it doesn’t bather me too much. How long do you need the battery life to be? When I was testing Windows I was getting around 6 hours of battery life I think? Linux I barely get 4.

EDIT: I have 12th gen Intel Framework 13

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I have the 13th gen version (i5-1340p, 55Wh battery). It is great for a light office use, in my case : several Word, Excel, PDF files open, Messages apps, Spotify and two dozen internet tabs on a dual external monitors setup.

The reviews on the internet are contradictory. The framework 13 has evolved since the reviews of the first version. Here is my experience on the negative attributes pointed out on the internet :

  • Battery life : About 8 hours for light office productivity. Probably 6/7 hours with a youtube or twitch stream open.
  • Fan noise : The fan never activates when on battery mode. It rarely turns on when plugged and when it does, the noise is barely noticeable.
  • Speakers : These are the worst speakers I have heard in a looooong time. There is a community guide to improve the sound with an equalizer which makes the speakers usable, even though still worse than a decent modern smartphone. I usually use headphones or exernal speakers so it is not an issue for me.
  • Screen : I haven’t seen the glossy version. The mate screen looks nice to me. Brightness is more than enough to work comfortably in a bright environment.

The 1340p hardly break a sweat for my usage. The keyboard seemed mushy at first but is very comfortable to type on.

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You won’t be able to hear the fans at all.