Stuttering cursor in Windows desktop on external displays

Ryzen 5 7640U
Windows 11
AMD Adrenalin 24.1.1
Driver Version: 31.0.24002.92
External display: Lenovo Lenovo G27q-20 via DisplayPort expansion card.

I’ve been having a weird issue with the cursor in the Windows 11 desktop, that only occurs on external displays. I thought it was only me until I stumbled across this Reddit post with people experiencing the same problem on Thinkpads with these recent AMD processors.

Until then I’d found no mention of my issue anywhere.

When moving the cursor around the desktop it will “catch” against the edge of elements (icons, start menu, taskbar buttons) as it moves. This doesn’t happen within applications. It only seems to be with items that have a “hover” mask that changes the appearance when the cursor moves over it.

It only happens on external displays - the problem doesn’t arise on the laptop display.
It happens when using the inbuilt touchpad or external mice too, so it appears to be limited to just external displays, regardless of input method.

I don’t see this in Ubuntu.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

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