Subtle White Noise Apple Earbuds (wired)

So I got some brand new wired apple earbuds, I plug them into the headphone jack and it makes this very small beep. Strange, but then there’s this subtle white noise in the background. I tested to see if the same problem occurs on my mother’s laptop, no beep, no white noise. What could be the problem?

I actually just might have solved this myself, its because ground and microphone pinout are switched compared to other earbuds. That is so incredibly stupid.


Yes, Apple uses their own headset standard. You’d need an adapter, as is usual with apple products.

It’s probably working fine on your other computer because it doesn’t have a combined microphone/headphone jack or because it wires the microphone connection differently.

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Is there possibly a way to change the port behavior in software? I have a Dell laptop for work with a headphone/mic combo port and my Apple headphones have worked fine. Dell software prompts about device type when you plug anything into that port.

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That probably depends on how the hardware is wired. Also the Framework Laptops come with two different audio chips depending on the batch and behaviour might differ between them. But generally, supporting Apple style plugs requires special hardware/software and support for that would need to be specifically implemented. I don’t assume that Framework has done that, but I’m obviously not an employee, so maybe they can answer that question.