Suggestion: Simplify discovery of official posts

Dear Framework Team,
not sure whom to address with this, my guess is @FrameworkBee? Simply put, I think discoverability of “official” threads created by members of FW could be greatly improved by tagging all of them with the same category, much like blog posts.

To me it seems like something of the sort had been planned, but just never put into practice:

As the screenshot shows, there are just 2 threads in the FW Team category, but from browsing this forum a lot the past days I know there are at least a few more. Some are just really interesting, others contain information that might be important e.g. for people troubleshooting an issue.

I’m using the Forum as PWA on my Android and haven’t costumized anything as far as I know, so I assume it looks like this for most users, especially new ones.

So far I’m pretty impressed by frequency and quality of FW staff’s participation in this forum. Collecting official topics in one place can serve to showcase this and ease the process of seeking trustworthy information for users.

Hello, Nandor,

We really appreciate your feedback! This category was recently created to separate from the blog and we haven’t moved over all posts yet that are outside of the blog and are employee-made. These will be announcements that could be seen as important to everyone so want to make sure all eyes can be on them!

For all troubleshooting guides that are important, we have additional plans for those down the line! :eyes:

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Well, good to see you’re already two steps ahead of me! If I may add one thing: Making information seeking easier is great, but from what I’ve read around here some folks might really appreciate some sort of news delivery service e.g. around BIOS updates (maybe a mailing list?). If that’s in the backlog as well, I haven’t said anything of course :slight_smile:

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