Revamping the Forum

Hello, everyone,

As some of you may have noticed, we have changed the layout of the Forum! As we grow, we plan on introducing more categories so wanted to clean up the forum as it is now.

If you have any feedback or find any errors, please let us know! :orange_heart:


The blog tag seems to be broken

The Framework Laptop - Linux category has only 2 threads now. Is it intentional?

The Framework Laptop - DIY Edition category has also only 1 thread now.

@junaruga We turned some categories into sub-categories which you cannot transfer over. The posts are still public but without the original category. So if it were in the DIY category, it would not have the DIY tag. For some categories, it will be like starting over, unfortunately :<

I am fixing that now! I just need to transfer over posts. Thank you for letting me know! :orange_heart:

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Sure. I think it’s not “DIY tag” but “DIY category”. So, do you reassign the Linux and DIY categories to the threads that had Linux or DIY categories, manually by yourself?

Linux has always been a subcategory so will be a manual tag as before. DIY will also be manual. If it’s not added, no worries. We just saw a huge overlap in posts between the Framework category and DIY category so decided to merge them

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For example, in the following picture, I was calling the items included in the left side area that enables the tree structure as “category”, and calling the items included in the right side (“Select at least 1 item.” in the picture) that enables multiple choices as “tag”. In my definition “Framework Laptop” is the primary category, and the “Linux” is the subcategory under the “Framework Laptop” category. Is my word definition same with you?

Do you want to change the “Linux” category to “Linux” tag?

For now, we are going to keep it as is and see since that should stand out more to the user. But, if need be, we can introduce it as a tag as well!

I should clarify, when I meant tag in my quoted message, I meant it as an additional “tag-on” as in selecting it. Not, as a tag for the forum.

Also, thank you so much for the solid feedback and attention to detail :orange_heart:

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Ah I see. The usage of the word “tag” as “tag-on” confused me. Perhaps, the “tag” is a terminology in web system technology? Not sure. Anyway, thank you for the answer. I would expect you to fix the threads on “Linux” and “DIY Edition” categories manually.

Noooo I will need at least two days to get used to all this new funk!!
On a more serious note: nice job, some structure was needed dearly

Just for next time, for a smooth communication, I like to see that we call the items on the left side (“category…”) as “category”, and right side (“optional tags”) as “tag” in this community :slight_smile:

Here is the new topic area on this forum.

I think the updated categories look better than before. Thank you.

Dark mode is basically illegible, specifically the black Titles.

I changed some threads that still have “Framework Laptop” category in the threads that have the “Linux” in the thread title, and should be in “Linux” category, to “Framework Laptop - Linux” category. As it seems my current role “Regular” in this forum can edit maximum 16 threads in a day. So, I think it’s effective for each “Regular” user to change a category in “Framework Laptop” to “Linux” category, when they notice.

We really appreciate this and your overwhelming support, Junaruga! :orange_heart: However, I am seeing that post edits send the user emails. For now, could we please leave editing more posts alone? I know some were notified with the revamp, unfortunately. But, it was something that needed to be done now or later. Maybe we can find another and more simplified process as we look…

I plan on going through and pushing all of the most important Linux posts to have the tag! But, want to be cautious to not email too many people :joy:

We don’t have a supported dark mode, unfortunately as it accessibility friendly on Discourse. This is something I am working on finding a fix for, my apologies as I would prefer the dark mode as well :frowning:

That’s weird. It’s in your settings. :wink:

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That’s very odd… It’s turned off officially on the forum. It may just be a setting Discourse automatically has. But the issue is, it’s not good :frowning:

I think maybe only you or Framework members always receive email in the default setting as you are the member of this forum. But I didn’t receive any email when you changed the categories. So, I guess general users except you and people at Framework didn’t receive the email notifications by my actions to change some threads category.

Here is my setting as a default. Maybe I didn’t change it.

I only received the notification (not email) when you changed the categories of the threads. The threads are only for my created threads, not for all the threads you changed the category on.

So, I don’t find any problems to change the thread category manually. Because …

  1. I guess Framework members on the admin role receive the email notifications on the any changes of the forum in the default setting. But I guess many users don’t receive the email notifications by changing the thread’s category in their default setting. If you and Framework members are not comfortable to receive notifications by any change, I hope you change your notification setting, or update your email client’s filter setting not to receive the email notifications on the inbox.

  2. If someone who is the owner of the thread receives the notification on the “page”, not by the email like following screenshot, but the person has already received the notification on the page when you changed the “Linux” to “Framework Laptop”. What I am trying to do is to change “Framework Laptop” to “Framework Laptop - Linux”. In the case, the person who is the owner of the thread only receive one more notification on the page.

Perhaps someone at Framework can send SQL query to update the database. But you need to be careful for this operation. Because I saw an issue by the category change by the script or SQL query(?). It seems the owner (role: Basic) of the thread can not edit their 1st comment any more after the change.

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