Ideas: Enable external display on boot / Sleep Indicator

I’m the proud owner of a new Framework 13 AMD and am quite happy with it.

There are a couple of smaller issues though, which hopefully can be addressed in a future firmware update

  • As mentioned elsewhere, a sleep/suspend indicator is sorely missing. I’ve been using a Thinkpad so far, where you have a pulsating dot of the i. Having the charge indicator on the side pulse when in sleep mode would be great

  • I use an external monitor (attached via USB-C) and a multi-boot setup.
    I prefer to have the lid closed, when docked. When rebooting, I do have to open the lid though to select a boot entry as during early boot the external monitor is not activated.
    On my old and trusty Thinkpad, once the lid was closed, the external monitor becomes the primary display even during early boot (e.g. I can access the UEFI settings).
    Would be great if a future firmware update could include support for that.


I second this, 90% of my use is with the laptop closed and docked to desktop monitors and keyboards