Switch to Intel wifi

I just read something about people switching to the Intel wifi for performance abs compatibility reasons with Linux.
Does anyone happen to know if there will be compatibility issues with the amd one included with this model?

From what I have read you are going to want an ax210 or ax200 to install in your amd framework. Those specific models are full pcie wireless adapters, compared to a few others that require intel cpus. I personally am going to be getting an ax210 as it supports wifi 6e (the ax200 only supports wifi 6).
I need an intel wifi card to get samsung quick share functionality on windows (basically samsung airdrop), and that functionality is very important for me. Hope this helps, can’t wait for my 16 inch.

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That’s very good to know. I use that on my current laptop and didn’t know that was a requirement for that to work.
The surface book is getting long in the tooth and looking forward to mine as well. Having a system that is fixable will be a welcome thing for me. Replacing the battery on the book was a nail bitter.
I was happy to see the updates on manufacturing email that came out with updates for what they are working on.

Do you use an actual galaxybook or did you do a workaround with a github script? I used the github script on my current laptop, but it has a mediatek chip, so no quickshare right now😟 I do get all the other functionality besides find my on it.