Need for new AMD WiFi card when upgrading?

So the AMD Motherboard upgrade kit includes an AMD WiFi card. Does this mean that it is not possible to use AX210 with the new motherboard?

I see the need to clarify this as I have, besides Framework, an MSI Delta 15 AMD Advantage laptop with Ryzen 5800H that uses an AX210 card from factory, and there are zero issues with it.

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Unless they do something really out of character like doing a wifi blacklist like lenovo used to do, the ax210 works pretty much everywhere (the ax211 only works with some intel platforms though so careful) but I can see how amd would prefer it’s stuff not shipping with intel wifi XD.

BTW the rebranded mediatec card in the amd should work in the intel board too if you want to do a switcheroo.

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The only explanation I see, is that Framework’s contract with AMD states that they have to sell their mainboards with AMD Wifi modules or something like that. Generally there should be no compatibility problem with the AX210 or AX200. (the Intel ones ending in 1 are not compatible however, they’re used in the prebuild Framework models).

Yeah that’s why I mentioned my other laptop. They had a chance to block Intel cards from “AMD Advantage” program, but they didn’t. Let’s see if there is an official response.

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I haven’t tried the AX210 in anything other than my laptop but I did buy an AX201 to use in a Skylake machine and the driver stated it required a 10th gen Intel processor or something like that. I can’t find anything on the AX210 about a “minimum” CPU requirement but I couldn’t really with the AX201 either so be careful.

EDIT: never mind - it looks like the AX210 is “generic” and has no CPU requirements (so it should work), while the AX201 was locked to a specific generation.

The ones with the 1 at the end are the weird intel proprietary ones. I have a ax210 in a x270 and it works fine.


The reason they suggest getting a new one is due to the possibility that a user is upgrading their prebuilt, as that would have an AX211 that uses Intel’s proprietary connection (CNVi, I think?) Don’t want to have less savvy users left out to dry over something that not even all of us are sure about.

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