System Updates

Is there a way to be automatically notified of BIOS and other system updates?

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System updates will be down to your OS once you have chosen and made the initial driver install.

BIOS updates: They come when they are ready and a topic is usually created

Keep an eye on

Thanks, but is there a way to sign up to be notified of a BIOS update or is it up to each customer to repeatedly check the Framework page? Also, there were a number of driver updates that I found on the Framework site that were not part of the normal system update - is it the same process of repeatedly checking the site?

Yes check the link provided occasionally, but if you frequent the forum you will no doubt see a new topic when a new BIOS is released.

BIOS updates are infrequent so it won’t take much effort to check.

The only driver updates are those for the initial setup. Then you update via the OS.

Once you have a machine the hardware doesn’t change, usually, so driver updates can only come from the OS, the frequency of which is set by you with your OS. Nothing to do with Framework.

Did you search for your query before you created the topic?

Did you look at the knowledgebase page that has no version numbers or anything else to give you a hint that anything has changed for your hardware?

Did you search for a thread with no replies from two years ago?

How about semi-related threads with no resolution?

Well, then why do you care? It doesn’t change that often.

It isn’t a bug, it is a feature.

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As the hardware hasn’t changed the only thing that could be of relevance is if the OS has a new driver. That’s not down to Framework. I use Windows 11 and some of the drivers are from 2006 etc. There’s no need to update drivers unless the OS has a problem, which clearly Windows doesn’t and Framework provides the ‘latest’ at install.

Maybe you, not the OP, are concerned with only the BIOS and as such you could clarify that and look at other topics to appease your concerns maybe.