BIOS update notification e-mail

I recieved an email from Framework with the subject

Software update for your Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series) - BIOS 3.05 and new Driver Bundle

The first paragraph:

We recently shared our new process around ongoing software updates. As part of this, you can now opt into receiving an email when we release a new BIOS or driver update for your Framework Laptop. **If you’d like to continue to receive these notifications going forward, you can opt in through this link

I really like the mail

  1. I automatically recieved the initial mail and I get the information without actively looking for it
  2. It is opt-in: I don’t recieve any further mails if I don’t want them
  3. It also includes the changelog (and the call to action)
  4. It really helps to show that framework is actively trying to improve their communication and handling of BIOS updates

The only point of criticism I have is that I couldn’t find the links to subscribe to the mailing list outside of the initial mail.
I’d really love to have the links available e.g. in the knowledgebase (e.g. BIOS and Drivers Downloads).
(I didn’t recieve a mail for 12th gen and don’t know if the mail or the mailing-list exists and how I can potentially subscribe)

Another nice to have thing would be a redirect from to the BIOS landing page. I remembered that there was a shortlink but I thought it was and not .

EDIT: I also recieved the update mail twice (same Mail, same timestamp). Was this a mistake?


I get messages like that on occasion. They seem to be glitches in the email system. Not the fault of the sender (or of the receiver), so far as I can tell, just happens every once in a while.