Tackpad Consistency

Has anyone tried multiple Framework Laptop trackpads and notice that they’re different from eachother? From the sound of the click to the force required to press them?

I ask because I now have 3 framework laptops, all 12th gen, and one refurb, and all of them came with different feeling trackpads.

The first one I got feels fine, however after feeling the replacement keyboards I feel this one is slightly off as well. It’s a light click that feels okay but is a bit loud.

The second laptop was a refurb, and that one had a problem of not registering all clicks. It felt fine, just that at least the first click or two on it would not register. I ordered a replacement for that one and the replacement feels fine. It’s a bit quieter than the keyboard on laptop #1 but still feels light and nice to click.

Then once the 13th gen laptops were announced, I took the opportunity to pickup another discounted new laptop. This one came with a stiff trackpad; I tried taking it apart and adjusting the springs but remained super stuff and not nice at all to press. I ordered a replacement keyboard for this one as well and the trackpad feels exactly like the replacement for laptop #2.

So, out of 5 keyboards, two of them, both replacements, feel the best and consistent, while two of them are unusable.

I still need to contact support about this but I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced the same issue(s) with their trackpads.

Also of note is that both of the trackpads that don’t work right have the front class protruding ever so slightly above the keyboard deck on the front of the trackpad. Like, if you swipe your finger from the opening detent and on to the trackpad, you can feel a ridge on the trackpad. The other three working trackpads are slightly below the keyboard deck and do not protrude.

P.S. These are also all DIY editions. Not sure that matters since everything comes with a keyboard but may help Framework investigate.