Taunting us with almost-available orange bezels!

Today I noticed that the “Coming Soon” was missing for the orange bezel marketplace! I’m signed up for notification when they are available sose I thinks to myself “You’re so lucky to notice before they send notices and can order before they sell out! Order one!”.
I started to worry when the shopping cart had a weird note about a deposit. But my heart sank to the floor when I clicked “Proceed to Checkout” and got this message:

Sorry! We can’t combine Marketplace items with a laptop pre-order at the moment. Please remove those before continuing your laptop pre-order.

And I didn’t have any kind of laptop pre-order on the go or in my cart – looks like there are definite machinations underway and I’ll commence excited giddiness and continue to hope these will come available soon.

But not available yet! Cruel!

The orange bezels are available! I was able to order one the other day. Maybe someone from Framework could help with that error, but you can read about the bezels here:


Now that you mention it, though, I was signed up for an email notification and didn’t receive one either.

Woot woot! Must’ve been something funny with cookies or something … I removed the bezel from my cart and re-added it and it worked! Orange bezel for me!!!

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