Green bezel appears to be available for sale now

Seems like more colours may be right around the corner! I’m personally waiting for the Lavender one


I’m wondering why they still display the translucent one, I thought they said they’d discontinued it

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Maybe there’s a chance it could come back eventually, if they manage to resolve the yield issues they were having…

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…and the transparent bezel is gone from the marketplace.

(can you tell I’m obsessively refreshing the page)

damn. I’ve been refreshing the bezel page for weeks waiting for the translucent option to be available.

Framework said that the yeld coming out of the molds for translucent bezels that fit properly was too low. Translucent requires a different material that behaves differently. They said they might revisit it in the future.


Ah, interesting. I had read that they were having problems with translucent and wondered why. If it’s a different material they may have to create entirely different molds to get things working properly. Sounds like a nightmare for a small cosmetic difference.

Iirc that’s what they said, they would need different molds just for translucent. Molds are obscenely expensive, though. Hard to justify spending a ton of money just on a neat bezel when they are a small company and there are better things to spend money on.

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Have changed my bezel colour to green for my FWDIY13 AMD pre-orer that originally schedule delivery to Canada - “Batch 2 - Late Q3 delivery”. I hope the change would not put any delays in the shipping time frame?

Purple bezel just arrived!


Purple too feminine for my liking…

Well, it’s purple.
Purple has a feminine association. Not 100% to everyone, of course, but in general. So when they said a purple bezel was coming, it was more likely to be light purple / lavender.

You were hoping for a big strong manly purple, yeah?