Batch 1 - Intel Core Ultra Series 1 - Guild

Continuing the tradition here.

Really excited. Think I’m going to love the display, webcam and improved TDP headroom (I assume, it should have a sustained TDP above 30W). It’s quite an upgrade from the 11th gen.

This is likely going to be the near-perfect thin&light for me except the following two areas (didn’t hear anything about them):

  1. Fn-lock LED indicator.
  2. Start-charging threshold in BIOS.

Thanks for starting this thread!

These new upgrades are fantastic and I’d definitely be tempted to upgrade from my 11th gen, except that I just finished university and I likely won’t be using my personal laptop all that often. Still really looking forward to Meteor Lake and what’s coming next for Framework! It’s great to see the promise of upgradability and choice being further fulfilled by Framework with these new annoucements.

Unsure why you’re assuming a TDP over 30W since that wasn’t mentioned, the heatsink is essnetially the same, and Intel’s documents reference its base TDP as the usual 28W affair!
Maybe though considering MTL chips are rated for 110C TJMAX ( ahigher delta T)!

I would say don’t get your hopes up though on that specific part :slight_smile:

One can hope. It’s just an assumption…and assumption can be wrong.

As to why (an example): 13-14 inch devices seem to have their Ultra 7 155H configured with sustained TDP anywhere between 24W to 40W+

If this year’s device is to be competitive in the market…I think 30W+ isn’t unreasonable to expect hope for.

(Such as this…even an Acer 14 inch can do 45W sustain…1.33Kg:

IIRC, historically, Framework’s 13 inch units have always been above average when it comes to sustained performance score. So I don’t see why this year’s offering will not follow that trend. (Granted that ‘average’ does depends on the samples…and the FW 13 Intel 13th fell just ever so slightly below average on Notebookcheck’s list)

The average and the Acer Swift:

Just to note, Core Ultra Series 1 has an unusually wide configurable TDP (cTDP) range.

The prior Intel 13th gen CPUs that Framework used have a cTDP range in the datasheets of 20W to 35W. The Ryzen CPUs have a cTDP range of 15W to 30W.

Core Ultra Series 1 has a cTDP range all the way up to 65W for the CPUs marketed as having a default TDP of 28W.

So anything’s possible.

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Yeah, I was looking at this list:

The amd can cool 30ish W sustained with the stock paste (with ~20C ambients and the back of the laptop propped up) so with a somewhat improved cooler in the same space I would not expect it to go far above 30W sustained. Though it may have more mass to soak up longer spikes.

With PTM and liquid metal you can get quite a bit higher (mine does a little over 45W) but there was no mention of that afaik.

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Batch 1 Let’s goo!!


All Batch 1 variants sold out in 5 days.

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Good news for Linux users!


I was hoping the thing with the hw decoder on the amd was something like this but apparently not.

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Haven’t been following AMD side of things closely… But I seem to get a sense that their software / driver / kernel focus isn’t as strong as that of Intel’s? Is that roughly / remotely along the right line here?

Outside of that one particular issue amd is doing quite well on linux so far imo. They do however have a lot fewer developers than intel overall.

I’m noticing that the mainboards are only available for preorder in a bundle with a whole new laptop. Any indication of when I can upgrade a preexisting FW13 to Intel Core Ultra?

IMO Framework’s marketplace displays it poorly.

They have 2 listings for the mainboard:

  1. A mainboard only listing that is not currently available.

  2. A bundle of mainboard, ram, and Wi-Fi card that is available for pre-order.

On the second option (bundle of mainboard, ram, and Wi-Fi card) there is an option on the listing to select no ram, and there is an option to select no Wi-Fi card. That allows for getting only the mainboard.

Here is that listing: Framework | Mainboard Kit (Intel® Core™ Ultra Series 1)

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Q3, as shown in the pre-order page.

I read his question too literally…like “I don’t know, when can you?” :sweat_smile:

We’re now in Q3…yay…

I really hope to see some improvements in terms of battery performance. I previously returned two Intel F13 because of abysmal battery duration (3.5 hours streaming a video, tried all available troubleshootings, Framework support said this is expected battery life). Would have loved to give AMD a shot as well, but so far they didn’t release a standard CPU tier version with 61Wh battery.
So fingers crossed, I really want to love Framework and I hope three years later it’s finally the time!