Thanking about getting a 16 with clear keyboard for video streaming?

I am thinking a couple of things and I’m wondering if I am crazy?
I do video streaming and I use NDI from 4 mevo’s and occasionally a couple other sources. I’ve been thinking about putting together a dedicated system or mostly dedicated when in use that would just do the streaming and switching with OBS. Currently I am using a MacBook Pro 2019 and I have a few issues with it namely the stupid full screen app support. do you want to do a full screen multiview … sure ….all other monitors are now blank black, so you have to do a window multiview then option click maximize (because the maximize button doesn’t work the way it should either anymore). Between that and the better support for touchscreen monitors on windows and a couple windows only programs I like.
And considering my last go with video streaming on Saturday OBS almost crashed my entire system froze up with streaming but the video came out frozen with guttering audio. Yeah I’m slightly annoyed.

I’m thinking the programmable button keypad would be very handy for the situation.
but I’m also wondering is this overkill or under kill?
Do I need the GPU upgrade?
And should I or should I not get the clear keyboard, as a touch typist who really can’t spell that well. I am mainly concerned with knowing what is what (although it would certainly keep other people off my computer?) as I noticed currently there are no labels even though the description says it “use a water-based paint process to minimize environmental impact.” But all the pictures I see don’t have any lettering. But I love the old iBook transparent/ opaque keyboards.

And I would also be dual booting Linux of course.

Recommendations suggestions things to avoid?

There are no labels at all on the clear keyboard. Some parts of the keyboard descriptions only apply to certain keyboards.

In my opinion, the clear keyboard is mostly for people who want the cool factor. And also those that want a completely custom layout where they plan to get key decals. You could do that, say if you wanted different decals for the F-keys, to have them labeled for macros. But you could just use the macropad for that too. There are some keyboard decal options here List of company or individually driven projects

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Other than going “do I really need another computer, I have a van payment”… Definitely thinking the macro pad will be really handy for OBS and I’m thinking scenes and then some sort of active status with colors.

Yeah not being a typist makes me a little concerned about the blank keys. Took a bit of digging to find out that’s generic text on the site. On the upside I did find some better photos on Reddit and I definitely like what they’ve done with it. I’d probably have to do key labels. The original Apple iBook G3’s had a semi transparent keyboard. and I always loved that design unfortunately it wasn’t backlit back then and certainly not RGB although there were a few mod’ers who tried there hand at EL backlighting. It might be frivolous but I’m liking the clear keyboard idea.

Yeah I’m probably sold just wondering if it’s enough processing power at this point and how bad it’s gonna hurt my budget, what’s a budget?

One downside would be lack of internal touchscreen but it’s a framework.
I am somebody who doesn’t like touchscreens on laptops because I touch my screen and suddenly things are moved all around, although there’s a few occasions with certain software it’s certainly handy.

Be aware that QMK does not have an easy built-in function for changing per-key colors. It can certainly be done, but you’d have to either add the function yourself or hopefully find someone who already wrote something. I’d ask in the QMK discord.

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That’s good to know. Currently I’m just mapping an external number pad.
Haven’t done that much with custom key layouts except for enabling a num pad overlay on my older Macbook. I guess that would be something to learn, with color being an eventually thing.

Can confirm that macropad is quite useful for streaming!

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