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Badges, Badges, Badges...


I imagine I'm not the only one that genuinely enjoys Frameworks community/social networking feature/forum. More so than most any other legitimate social network. I really enjoy the work, ideas, and complexities that go into it. One really great idea in my opinion is the badge system.


  • What badges do you have?
  • What is the rarest badge?
  • What is the rarest badge you have?
  • How many badges are there?

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“If you have to ask about badges, you don’t get badges.” - Somebody, probably

I kid.


In answer to your last question, here’s a complete list of badges. In answer to your first three, I believe all badge awarding is public. Looks like there are a couple that have never been awarded before, so that’s a solid bet for most rare badge there is :stuck_out_tongue:


Now I know what I need to work on haha. I’m trying to get as many as I can. Something to work on I suppose. I wonder who as the most and how many they have.

Probably someone like NRP on the framework team.

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That makes sense haha.

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What is a good review that you (any member of this fine community) have seen that you think more people should see? There is of course one of the biggest reviews by Linus Media Group:

But what other reviews have you seen by maybe some lesser known creators that you think are work the watch?

Lots of them in that thread.

Also reviews by people here: