You guys are awesome!

I just want to say… I’ve been highly positive regarding the responsiveness of the core team like nrp and kieran_levin, but I’m equally impressed with the community. Users taking the time to post their own experiences and debugging experiences is freaking awesome since it reinforces the community as the place to go to get all the answers to your questions. (Plus it probably saves the small Framework team a lot of time with bug-hunting :slight_smile: )

This community has been freaking awesome for improving my own skills with laptop configuration minutiae (shoutout to the threads regarding reducing power consumption). Not to mention the fact that we have a bunch of power users in different areas posting their expertise with a variety of utilities I’d never even heard of… It’s really humbling to see a community that generally is super helpful and respectful. In my excitement for the Framework laptop’s vision, I was never expecting the community to be as positive as it has played out to be.

Like I said in the title, y’all are awesome :slight_smile:


Seriously, this community is awesome. I am consistently impressed with the level of effort everyone is putting in to give guidance to others and give us useful feedback too. It helps us a lot as we debug early issues and absolutely saves both us and Framework Laptop users a ton of time.