List of issues not addressed by framework

So the launch of framework 16 brought up more problems than many expected. Luckily, company’s response was truly great and the biggest issues are already solved, so kudos to them.

However, after checking forums, I saw that certain issues appear repeatedly even in later batches and there is no official statement regarding them.

That’s why I thought it can be beneficial to create a thread like this where I will keep a list of such issues and maybe provide some statistics (if I get enough input). This is so we can see a trend whether later batches are more polished, whether there are some unfortunate batches, etc.

After looking at the forums/reviews, I noticed these issues still persist and have not been addressed:

If I missed something, feel free to let me know.

Also, let me know if you are interested in having a thread like this one where we can report what batch we are in and how polished our laptop is. Even responses saying everything is fine are very valuable.


I was thinking about collecting some of the issues at More like hints for troubleshooting, workarounds. For example some people reported that laptop shows nothing during memory training, and while normally it does not take long there were instances where people have waited long. Removing one of the memory modules can apparently help. Also things that will be fixed in future BIOS updates - but you are not interested in those here.

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