The screws strip really fast

When I got this laptop I saw the screws and I was immediately worried about stripping. I’ve only taken the device apart three times and it’s happened already; now I have to go through a complicated process to take it apart.

Please get better screws, the star shape seems like a good choice in theory but it’s too fragile. Metal becomes very weak when it’s thin. I recommend replacing these with flatheads.

You can get replacement screws on the marketplace.

The star shape is torx. Torx is better than slotted, better than most other common options. Slotted cams out more, which causes damage.

But others have posted about stripping. It would be nice if Framework could release some data on the screws, force needed to strip them. As I wonder if the stripping is just from over tightening, or something else, which could maybe be improved.


I’ve taken my computer apart multiple times and the screws aren’t even close to being stripped. That being said I’m relatively gentle with screwing and unscrewing and don’t tighten my screws too much to keep the laptop closed up. IDK if it makes a big difference but I was also using the iFixit Precision Driver with a T5 bit, rather than the screwdriver that Framework gives out since I lost it a hella long time ago :woozy_face:. As far as I can tell, the iFixit screwdriver lets you put more downward force on a screw when turning it, minimizing stripping.


When I used the Framework included Screwdriver I actually stripped the bit. But the screw still was completely intact. Therefore I thought that the screws might be very strong


The screws are honestly fine. Just make sure to not tighten them too much, just go until you feel the slightest resistance.

You don’t need to add downforce with torx, that’s mostly a thing with crosshead screws.

But I also found that the Framework screwdriver tip was very bad. It was slightly too small, not creating a good grip, and way too soft, stripping easily with the slightest resistance. Had no problems when using a proper Wera driver.

I know making such a tiny bit is hard, and I know the Framework screwdriver is relatively cheap, at just $7 on the marketplace, but compared to a proper screwdriver, the Framework one feels like it’s made out of chinesium.