What screws does this use?

What screw heads are used in this laptop? I’m curious because I believe Torx is much more durable than Philips, and Philips screws (especially cheaper ones) strip easily, leaving you to have to superglue and potentially destroy a screwdriver to remove it on occasion. On the event a screw does strip, will replacement screw packs be available?

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It looks like Torx T5 or T6 for everything intended to be removed, and Phillips PH0 or PH00 for some screws that require a very low-profile head:


I just hope the screws are not too soft. I’ve had Dell services become nightmares because of that ::


@jeshikat got it! All of the common repairs use only T5. Some of the uncommon ones that are very low profile use PH0. The Framework Screwdriver we include in the box has a double-sided tip to handle both fastener types.


Noice. Alright then. Will screw packs be available to replace a stripped screw though? T5 is really small and has really small features that could round out after opening the laptop several times, especially if the metal is softer.

Our fasteners are pretty robust. Especially the larger T5 ones that get used the most. Nevertheless, we actually included 5 spare fasteners inside the machine!


Spare screws are always good, I had to go lucky dip on eBay to get some screws for my Fair phone 3. It took several attempts because some people don’t know how to measure screws.