The SNACK Drawer V2: Back in Snacktion


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A tiny hole in the bottom case of the FW to thread wires through, glued-on contact pads on the FW, pogo pins on the drawer and a battery holder in it…

Not too difficult.


I urgently need a snack drawer for my F13 :slight_smile: However, the printed versions are all sold out - any news when purple will be available again?

Thank you very much for pointing this out! I see the problem on the shop side, but have to call up Square to figure out how to fix this since everything looks fine on my end…

These are made to order so there is no inventory to speak of, aside from the raw plastic.


Update November 15, 2023: Website Issue Fixed

Thanks to @Andreas1 pointing out that the drawers were “sold out” I was able to go in and fix the problem.

It turns out that Square (the company I use for managing the sales/payment processing) had disabled the shipping options since I had missed a notification about confirming my address…

In any case, SNACKs are back on the menu boys. My apologies to those that had wanted to buy one and not been able to.


Out of curiosity I wonder if anything would change about the adhesive over a period of long time/heavy use.

I would expect there would be a little. However, I have my band-aids on the right side, away from the cpu so the effects of heat wearing out the adhesive are probably lessened.