The SNACK Drawer V2: Back in Snacktion


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A tiny hole in the bottom case of the FW to thread wires through, glued-on contact pads on the FW, pogo pins on the drawer and a battery holder in it…

Not too difficult.


I urgently need a snack drawer for my F13 :slight_smile: However, the printed versions are all sold out - any news when purple will be available again?

Thank you very much for pointing this out! I see the problem on the shop side, but have to call up Square to figure out how to fix this since everything looks fine on my end…

These are made to order so there is no inventory to speak of, aside from the raw plastic.


Update November 15, 2023: Website Issue Fixed

Thanks to @Andreas1 pointing out that the drawers were “sold out” I was able to go in and fix the problem.

It turns out that Square (the company I use for managing the sales/payment processing) had disabled the shipping options since I had missed a notification about confirming my address…

In any case, SNACKs are back on the menu boys. My apologies to those that had wanted to buy one and not been able to.


Out of curiosity I wonder if anything would change about the adhesive over a period of long time/heavy use.

I would expect there would be a little. However, I have my band-aids on the right side, away from the cpu so the effects of heat wearing out the adhesive are probably lessened.

Hello. I have been selling these drawers for a few years now and want a little bit of feedback about the pricing. I have been selling the normal drawers for $3.00 and the simple “lite” versions for $2.50 the whole time. Are these prices reasonable?

It’s not like I’m making much of any sort of profit on these, but I don’t have any reference for what expansion cards should cost besides the mass produced and shipped Framework ones. I worry that the prices are too low and setting a president that someone who wants to make a real business out of expansion cards could not match.

As some more context, the current standard shipping within the US is double the price of the drawer, if my time is not included, more if it is.

So, I am curious to hear what you all, if you have bought one or not, have to say on the pricing currently. Thank you.

  • Charge More
  • Current Prices Just Right ($3)
  • Charge Less

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Probably $ 4-5 would easily be fine as well.
Though if someone wants to make a real businiess out of it maybe they could probably increase the profit by getting better business shipping rates.

Price Increase Incoming
On Monday, December 25th (Christmas) the SNACK Drawer V2 and Lite SNACK Drawer will be increasing in price by $1.50 due to the feedback received and the arguments made above.

  • V2: $3.00 → $4.50
  • Lite: $2.50 → $4.00

Thank you to all those that participated in the poll and @Erik1 For the verbal response. If any of you want to buy any drawers at their current prices, now is the time…

Top SNACKret Notes

There are multiple new drawer models in the works right now, you may want to consider waiting instead (no ETA for these new drawer models yet).

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New SNACK Drawers!
Lets Goooo!

Come ooonn mini bbq grill! My hamster really wants to roast her sunflower seeds while we watch hamstergirl vtuber streams!

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Update January 6, 2024: New SNACK Drawers!
New SNACK Drawers are now available for physical and digital purchase over on this post!