The SNACK Drawer V2: Back in Snacktion

Will do! I’ll be printing it on the Ender 3 Pro with an inland PLA or PLA+ filament depending what color I go with.

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Hahaha, this whole thread is the best one by far on this forum!


I want a SNACK Drawer V2 and I don’t even have a framework laptop.


Think you could fit one of these in there for a pop-out trackpoint?

Credit to Michal_Suchanek for the find

If the stated dimentions are to be believed, then unfortunately not. That component is almost 2× larger than the expansion slot size (these drawers have internal dimensions of 1"×1.1"×0.2").

You may be able to fit it if you design your own PCB and much shorter cap. You would probably need to design a new PCB anyways to get from whatever it’s connector is to USB-C.

This trackpoint unfortunately isn’t particularly useful.

It does not look like anybody has documented what the interface for this particular model is.

The interface is 6pin which makes it likely raw sensor (4 pins needed) for one of those separate USB keyboards that have the logic on the main keyboard PCB.

All PS2, USB, and i2c need 4pins, mouse buttons need extra 3 pins and typically have separate ground. There is not enough pins on this thing for it to be the main trackpoint board.

For separate trackpoint there are USB trackpoint boards on Aliexpress too. These clearly have 8pin (likely PS2) trackpoint connected to an USB adapter with really weirdly placed buttons.

Osram does really small Hall sensor joystick: AS5013 *
It is definitely not a trackpoint - it moves quite a bit but it could fit into some really small spaces.

*) separate magnet needed

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Anyone else excited that the new Framework 16 will be able to hold 6 snack drawers?


And one really big one with fans XD


Actually, that’s where the snack micro fridge goes.


Updated Digital Files! -Looser Fits-
It came to my attention that the slide of the drawer might be too tight with some filaments or when printed on some printers. So, I have made a few looser versions of the drawer.

If you purchased any of the original drawers or the digital files for either the old or V2 drawer, you should have received the updated files in your inbox.

If you did not receive the e-mail with the files, or have any problems with them, please let me know and we’ll figure that out.


@XenoCow my day has been made with SNACK Drawer V2, thank you. Any chance that V3 can include a little temperature plate that’s powered over USB-C so we can keep our SNACKS warm (or cold)? :melting_face:


I know it’s a joke, but warm snacks could be done easy! PCBs can be made into heater plates with just a long winding copper trace. And a polymide PCB is only 0.15-0.2mm thick. Oshpark. Cooling is much harder, maybe impossible in such a small space. A thermoelectric peltier cooler could be used if there was room for a heatsink and fan.

Maybe you could keep some nice warm dip for your chips in your SNACK draw?


Here’s actually a picture of the latest prototype of the next version with the built-in grill. Perfect for making popcorn on the go!


OK If the exploding popcorn doesn’t dent the input panel I still think you’re going to have a hell of a job opening the draw.

Maybe the corn goes in the bottom and blows off the lower panel of the expansion card when ready.

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Oh, I would advise against popping the corn while the drawer is closed. This is more of a “I want to eat now” kind of deal. The slow cooker drawer is a planned future upgrade, though.


Ok apologies for thinking you were going to push the popcorn expansion card in, what an idiot I must appear to be :blush:

Oh. Don’t be like that! :frowning:


having ordered digital files, how long can i expect to wait before receiving the email?

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You can expect it now! The e-mails are hand-crafted (not an automated system) so the time between order and the e-mail being sent is dependent on when I see that there is an order and then send a response. Thank you for your patience.


that’s alright! i understand the brief delay and it was shorter than i expected.

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