There should be some software simmilar to Lenovo vantage

Most of you probably know that Lenovo has excellent software called Lenovo Vantage. I’ts insanely useful and way better than hp/dell bloatware. You can see system specs, and just the battery health/max charge. I feel like that would be insanely better than making a max charge % in the bios. Some features could include:
Max battery charge
Battery charge history
Cpu Temperature
Adjustable/customizable fan speed based on temps
and probably when you make RGB or special keyboards, control the lighting or sensitivity or something in there. I feel like that would make the framework stand out by a LOT.

Oh yeah are you guys gonna launch a 15/16 inch higher spec midtier gaming laptop? I feel like a ryzen 7 and maybe a 2060/3060 would pair extremely well, as most people want beefier laptops with some graphic processing. 120hz qhd display would be a really good choice.

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This would be nice, but give them some time before piling the requests. We’re still in the pre-order stage.

Lenovo is a large company who inherited (well they bought it) most of the ground work they have from IBM. Lenovo Vantage represents an investment the company made and a workforce of developers behind it. Certainly something possible, but not something crucial at the moment. Just remember Framework support Windows and Linux (as well as BSD, etc.). For them to offer such a thing, the assumption would be that will also be available for those systems, all with different APIs, etc. It is a significant investment.