Thermal cooling pad

Hi there. Would you recommend to add thermal cooling pads on the nvme SSD and/or the RAM in a Framework 13? They will both have contact with the keyboard module, am I right?

If so, which thickness should I use? 1mm, 2mm or 3mm?

I might use Thermal Grizzly minus pad 8.

I asked this question before:

and did some measurements, at least for the M.2 SSD.

There is very little clearance here. I concluded that even 1mm might be too thick.

Others have tried this and said that it did fit. I don’t know whether it made any difference or not.

As for the RAM…you would be the first. I don’t personally think you’d see any benefit and if it presses down hard on the RAM you may get problems, but that’s my personal opinion. Certainly no more than 1mm here as well.

Ah. Thanks. So I will try 0.5 and 1mm.


An old trick: put kneading mass (toy wax, polymer clay, …) in the place you want to measure, in roughly the shape you expect the hollow space to be; a thin layer in your case. Reassemble, with light pressure if needed to make it take up the available space. Disassemble and measure the shape of the kneading mass. To avoid the stuff getting into small openings and cracks you can wrap it in saran wrap.