RAM with heat sink

Will the Framework laptop support RAM w/ heat sinks. Looking at options for buying my own.

I do not have your answer, but a warning: the laptop only supports up to 3200 MHz DDR4, and does not support XMP memory (such as, say, Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz). BIOS doesn’t have manual OC options (see BIOS guide). My point being, no supported RAM will benefit from a heat sink.

Here’s another good post explaining the XMP issue, for those that are not familiar.

Hope that helps, and shop carefully!

Edit: if you’re looking at a specific kit, feel free to post it! I (we?) would gladly share what we know.

Heat spreaders would not fit, laptop ram doesn’t get hot unless you overclock, and framework doesn’t support XMP so no.

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@Josh_Cook @Jacob_Padgett gracias caballeros. I was looking at the same brand they offer at Framework but there’s a version that has a heat sink.

If you mean the Ballistix kits, they’re stickers not heatsinks :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah! Correct. I thought it was something like this:

icepc Graphene Coating Pure Copper Notebook Gaming Laptop Memory Heatsink Cooling Vest Radiator with Thermal Conductive Adhesive(Universal) Amazon.com

There is probably enough clearance for a very thin heatspreader, but we wouldn’t expect it to be necessary for memory.

Thanks Nirav. Would this also be true for the SSD? I was interested in keeping the laptop as cool as possible

You should find an answer in this thread : SN850 SSD Heatsink?

@Jason_Hottelet Cool. Thanks.