Thunderbolt Dock for Fedora 36

I was wondering if anyone has had any luck or experience with thunderbolt docks for the framework using Fedora 36. Are there any that anyone would recommend.

Personally I just need something with an HDMI and usb ports, nothing too fancy.

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Anker 555 USB-C Hub (8-in-1) PowerExpand USB-C Adapter works fine for me. It also provides LAN, Cardreader and PD.

Bought it on Amazon. Threre are also smaller versions I think. Don’t know if they also support 4k.

Hope that helps

@SiHaHa I appreciate the recommendation, thank you.

@Foxtrek_64 I know you mentioned that you had a lenovo dock. It looks pretty good, aside from the audio issues would you say that it’s worth while?