[TRACKING] Recommendations for a USB-C Dock?


I am looking for a recommendation for a dock that works with linux. My distro of choice is Nixos. I am curious if any1 has experience with a dock that is known to work for the framework 13s and linux. I’d like this dock to have gigabit internet, 4k60hz via HDMI, charging passthrough and a couple usb-a ports. My budget is under 250$.


What’s your budget? Thunderbolt docks will do it all, but they’re pretty expensive.

Any dock with power delivery will support charging passthrough, but be careful about gigabit networking, not all usb-c docks will support it.

For displays, driving one from the dock isn’t usually that expensive, but if you go into multiple displays from the dock the solutions get more exotic. Every port on the F13 supports DisplayPort Alt-Mode, so you could always connect a 4k60 display over usb-c or through some dongle that converts DisplayPort to alt mode.

What’s your budget?

Under 250$

You probably want to look through USB 3.2 Gen 2 docks for Ethernet and USB, and drive a 4k60 display through a port/expansion card.

For a stick in the sand, my TB4 dock was $400 and does USB-A, USB-C, power delivery passthrough, daisy-chaining Ethernet, 3.5mm, and an SD card. No displays, but I have an eGPU with three outputs (of which I use one 1080p@75Hz).

Will label as tracking, will try to check some USB-C docks in the near future, hopefully I could get back on this thread.


After some research I found a Dell USB-C “Adapter” had all the factors I was looking for as well as excellent Linux compatibility. Dell 7-in-1 USB-C Multiport Adapter - DA310 | Dell USA

Works great out of the box with my work m2 Macbook Pro and my Framework laptop. Would highly recommend 10/10


I spent some time on this and went with a Targus USB-C Universal DV4K Docking Station with 100W Power (DOCK190USZ). It’s frequently on sale for < $250.

I had a couple of criteria: must work with all the laptops in the house (Framework Linux plus Mac and Windows), must provide 100W power and access to all peripherals/monitors with one USB-C cable, and must not be ugly.

It works, though I had to manually install DisplayPort drivers on some of the laptops.

I also recommend getting a good laptop stand.