Top Cover Bending on corners


I have the 11th generation DIY received in Nov 2021. I’m seeing some bending at the corners. Wondering if this is normal or seen by anyone else.


I have mine, [Batch 8] Feb 2022. I use it about six ours a day on a table, and carry it once a month for a few days. No sign of such a problem yet ?

Do you lift up the laptop on the corners instead of the middle area?


@Anachron has likely identified the cause of the bends, the chassis material is quite thin and easily bent. I feel for you because the middle point is not easy to grip at all.

If you are still in warranty contact support if not you might want to gently bend the screen back the other way (best to remove the LCD panel first) and avoid using the corners to open.

Some other users with chassis issues:

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