Make the corners of the framework stronger

I have the laptop since September , so about 4 monthes.
And the case is already looking bad on one corner.
It was always in my back pack and didn t receive any major hit in my opinion. I was never like “damned it felt down, lets look at it and see if it is damaged”
I am not known to be carfull with laptps… I have a thinkapd E590 for 3 years and rolled over it while falling with my electric skatboard…
Also this hit you can see is just from having it on my back pack…not much hit than just putting my bag on the floor… It never felt on the floor directely.
I think I have seen elthewher on this formum people having damadged corners, which makes me think it is a point of failure .

The bottom cover fastener (screw) at the corner you took in photo is the fastener that acts as a cover lift.

Haven’t you got any issues with this fastener?

This (in the photo) is very close to what would happen with the fastener unscrewed, and then maybe somehow it remained like that for a long time and deformed the bottom cover.

Could you check if your screw is properly secured?

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I can second this. I did drop it a short height and had the identical result. Corners are going to take punches. I manually bent the corner back into shape, but it doesn’t look great. A little more reinforcement would have saved a lot of frustration.


That’s a feature of the case design. Honestly that large chamfer makes a small corner which will bend easily and be weak. Not a great design how people try to make their laptop seem thinner by designing an angled edge like that :frowning:


I see it all the time with modern laptops. The corners and screen corners just die.

But the thing is you marmosets want ever lighter and thinner and yet somehow expect Sherman tank like robustness. :wink: :grinning:

Back in the day when men were men and laptops weighed 3kg plus the brick…

Well, the nice thing is:

  1. It’s metal, so easy to bend back
  2. Eventually I’ll need to replace the case, so how convenient the whole thing is made to do that!

I haven’t played with 3D printed objects in this use case, but it seems like that might be my eventual solution.