Touchpad & Lack of response on clicks

Hey Community,

Reaching out to see if you have experienced issues with touchpad not registering clicks? I am seeing intermittent issues on clicks not registering when navigating the OS (Win11) as well as browsing the Web (Brave / Edge).

Could you please post your experiences?

Batch: Order date September 18, 2021

Hi! I also use Win11 and the touchpad works flawless so far.

Have you tried this guide?

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Yes, PS/2 mouse emulation has been disabled.

Do you press down on the touchpad for a hard click, or do you just tap on it?

I use taps and haven’t ever had issues but I wonder if hard clickers might see some issues.

I don’t use “taps”, I press down. I feel haptic feedback, but at times no response being registered. That was actually a good question.