Touchpad (kinda) does not click

I am using a Framework 13 with 12th gen intel on windows 11.

I checked for similar issues on this forum, but did not find anything that was quite the same as my issue

My touchpad works fine for things like cursor movement, gestures, and tap to click. The issue is when I try to (especially right) click by actually pressing down on the touchpad. when i do press down on the touchpad, i do not feel any tactile feedback on the downstroke, but i do feel a very slight bump on as it rises.

I did try removing the touchpad to check for any debris that might have been interfering with the trackpad operation but this was unsuccessful. There also did not seem to be any damage to the trackpad assembly.

if anyone else has experienced this and/or has any idea as to a solution please let me know. Thanks in advance!